What does CareerToolbox do?

At CareerToolbox we Empower Careers and generate Job Opportunities by helping you advertise, market, and sell your talents, developing your Personal Brand through social media services.

We are not "head hunters" or recruiters as they work on behalf of the hiring organization. We work on YOUR behalf, ensuring that YOU have the ability to differentiate YOURSELF to potential employers and appear as a more "valuable" candidate.



Our team of Executive Coaches and Career Counselors will provide you with the insights, support and guidance to navigate today’s complex corporate environment. Why not turn career advancement from an individual effort into a team approach that will maximize your opportunities and earning potential?

You will be provided with a consistent, structured, and logical approach to dealing with the many issues facing professionals in the workplace; enabling you to make significant progress in your career.



As an individual or as part of a company-wide reduction in force, searching for your next opportunity can be daunting until you have the right support! Our team of Transition Specialists are passionate about giving you the advantage in finding your next career opportunity. We work with you 1-on-1, designing a specific program showcasing your talents and positioning you for success!

It is not always the most qualified or hardest working person that gets the job offer…it’s the person who does the best job advertising, marketing, and selling their talents throughout the hiring process who gets the offer!

Constantly pursued by employers or making the career progress you should be?
For success in today’s job market, you need the ability to outperform the competition with:
  • A strong personal brand value message
  • Advertising and marketing materials (on-lines profiles, resume etc.) that differentiates your talents
  • Promotion of your unique skills, education, talents and experience
  • Continually and consistently generating new professional contacts
Our clients have a:
  • 100% success rate in enhancing their LinkedIn profile activity, on-line presence, higher ranking in searches etc.
  • 100% success rate in having recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers review their resume and on-line profiles
  • 90% success rate in being contacted by a recruiter
  • 85%+ receive job offers within 7 weeks of us finishing our "Transition Services" process!
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